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We find talent in software, hardware, growth, or design, and reach out to them from your inbox

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Make sure you're hiring the best
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A fraction of the cost of a traditional placement agency
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100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

Not having enough calls with amazing candidates? 

Let us run a
"Sourcing Sprint" for you!

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High conviction hiring

By the end of a sourcing sprint, you'll have spoken with 15 - 25 highly qualified people, giving you confidence that you're hiring the best.

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Outreach From Your Email

We'll reach out to candidates from your own inbox, because you're the best person to sell your vision, not some random recruiter.

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Extremely cost effective

Our flat fee is a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting firms and comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Time saving

We'll handle identifying, qualifying, and engaging candidates, so you can focus on building your business.


Don't take our word for it! See what other founders say

kibo logo

We spent months trying to hire on our own without success. Chris and his team helped us get disciplined about who we were looking for and found many candidates that we couldn't find ourselves. Their process was a game-changer and I recommend them to every founder I know.

ope profile image

Ope Bukola

CEO at Kibo School
kodama logo

Sourcing Sprints helped us identify and speak with many candidates that would have taken many months doing it ourselves. Their personalized approach and deep understanding of our needs enabled us to hire quickly. It's great for startups and anyone looking to build a high-performance team.

matt profile photo

Matt V

Co-Founder at Kodama Systems
fiveflute logo

Sourcing Sprints put our hiring funnel on autopilot. It let me focus on interviewing and vetting candidates instead of worrying if we were talking to the right people.

We hired our first technical lead through a sourcing sprint and he's been outstanding. It's perfect for founders that don't want to lose momentum on product and GTM while building a great team.

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William Burke

Founder & CEO @ Five Flute
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Sourcing Sprints found us our first technical hires. Their expertise and efficiency helped us build an incredible team while keeping our costs low. They were a game-changer for a venture-backed startup like ours and I couldn't be happier with the results.

ismail profile photo

Ismail Salhi

Co-Founder and CEO at Wildgrain
Our process

Get started is easy


Kickoff Call

Each sourcing sprint starts with a call to scope the role. We'll align on process and make sure we intimately understand who you're looking for.


Calibration Check-in

After kickoff we'll have a calibration check-in to zero-in on the candidate persona. We'll come prepared with a sourcing strategy, outreach drafts, and initial leads.


Weekly Sync

Each week we'll review the pipeline and lessons learned. You'll approve everyone we reach out to until you feel comfortable letting us run on autopilot.

Book an Intro Call

During the call I'll explain the tools and process we use and answer any questions you have.

Even if you decide not to work with us, you’ll learn valuable tips that will save you time and help you find better candidates.

Chris Quintero, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sourcing sprint? 

A "Sourcing Sprint" is a proven process for helping early-stage startups hire. Over 4 - 8 weeks we'll map the talent landscape for an important role you're looking to fill, finding and reaching out to hundreds of qualified candidates.

Each candidate receives multiple rounds of personalized outreach, delivered directly from your email. We believe that the most sought-after talent appreciates hearing from founders directly, not an impersonal recruiter.

The outcome is 15 - 30 intro calls with great people you wouldn't have spoken with otherwise. We empower you to uncover untapped talent pools, master the art of recruiting from them, and close vital hires.

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Who is this for?

Sourcing sprints are for founders of early-stage startups who want to make sure they're hiring the best talent possible.

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What kinds of roles is a sourcing sprint good for?

The model works great for senior roles in software, hardware, growth, or design. It's not a great fit for junior to mid-level roles when it's hard to decide whether a candidate might be worth an intro call based on their profile alone.

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How do you source candidates?

We have a team of expert sourcers who will spend 40+ hours a week searching for your perfect hire. We do not source from a database of existing candidates. Instead, we focus on mapping the talent space of companies where your ideal candidate would have worked previously.

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What does it cost?

Our flat fee is a fraction of the cost a traditional recruiting firm and comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Book an intro call to learn more.

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